A collaboration by Ara Dolatian & Michele Donegan

Nomad designs and installs coloured woollen webs in galleries and public spaces. The designs respond to the particular site considering architecture and purpose.  The web reinvents each site by creating a sense of other-worldliness and can transform the nature of the space.  The work  forms a “shelter” that is reminiscent of nomads stopping and establishing a safe place for a period of time.  The web is accessible to a wide public audience to explore, enjoy and be immersed in.  In community arts projects the audience may be involved in the process by making personal additions to the installation.  

Float, The Food Court, Docklands, 2014

Float is currently installed at The Food Court in Docklands, Melbourne until October 25.  The work reflects the water side setting at Docklands and is reminiscent of wave formations.  It is Nomad's most ambitious work to date encompassing an area of 15 m x 15m.

Inflame, Fracture Gallery,

 Federation Square2013


I​nflame  was  installed in the Fracture Gallery of  The Atrium, at Melbourne's Federation Square.  The installation featured in the glass walled gallery.  The work incorporated a community participation day where members of the public added to the work .  Inflame lit up and ignited this dynamic space that borders Flinders Street in Melbourne's CBD

Coburg Library Installation, 2013​​​

Nomad created an installation in Coburg Library as part of the Midsumma Festival  celebrations.  The web incorporated the front windows, chairs and desks. Coburg Mall was a community engagement day for Midsumma where local people made pom poms and other personal items to add to the web.

Coburg Mall, Mid Summa 2013


RMIT sculpture studios2012

Nomad installed fossil in the storage area of the RMIT sculpture studios for the 2012 Grad Show.  This is usually a forgotten space that is both a storage and transit area.  It is an ugly site as the studios are emptied to accomodate the exhibition.  fossil transformed the space and built tunnels and caves that the audience could enjoy and be immersed in.  To our knowledge this is the first time that this area has become part of the graduation  exhibition, and the first time that a collaboration has featured in the show.

Fair Play Day,

Victoria Park, Collingwood, 2012

Nomad  was  invited by Happy Football Club Cambodia to participate in a community football (soccer) day at Victoria Park in Collingwood.  We built a colourful web in the girders of the original grandstand just near the entrance gate.  Lots of kids and families got involved in making pom-poms and attaching them to the web.  People had fun exploring the web, climbing into, under and around the structure. Thank you to Rory Donegan and Adrian Joannou for their generous assistance.

Melbourne Pop-up,

Fitzroy Gardens 2012

Nomad worked with Jesuit Social Services' Artful Dodgers Studio (ADS) to build a web in the heritage bandstand in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne.  Young people helped to make and add pom poms to the installation and then presented five musical performances during the afternoon.  This was part of the City of Melbourne Pop-Ups.​ Thank you to Rory Donegan, Dieter Smith and young people from ADS for their generous assistance.

Engulf,  2012

Engulf,  2012 was installed at RMIT First Site Gallery in Melbourne.  Installation took one long day but we had the help of six volunteers.  The work filled Gallery Three and the audience was able to move in and around the work negotiating through the cave-like structure and enjoying the immersive and meditative experience. 

Copyright 2012 Michele Donegan.

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