Other 3D Works

Skin 2, 2011

Skin 2,  2011

found objects, latex, light boxes, film projection

This work consists of found objects cast in latex and displayed on five light boxes.  The objects are collected  whilst I walk in my neighbourhood.  A film of  the ground where I walk in Kensington  plays on the floor of the gallery in front of the light boxes.Original found objects are displayed separately.

The objects are grouped as families juxtaposing the natural and manufactured objects.  The work plays with materiality and all objects are homogenised by transforming them with one material - latex.  Latex   samples the surface of the original displaying dirt, fibres and grease embedded in the cast.  It comes alive as a material when back lit.  Skin 2, explores the notion of value displaying the casts as precious by elevating them on a pedestal and highlighting their nature via the light box.  The cast bottle top and the seed pod become equals. This work is a development of the earlier skin, 2011. 

Skin, 2011

Skin, 2011

latex , light box, film projection, graphite, tracing paper, photographic images

This project has four elements: latex objects / skins, photographs, drawings and film. They each relate to walking around my environment and collecting objects and images from my world.  Over the course of 2011,  I have been collecting objects and images on my walks around my neighbourhood in Kensington and also on other walks on the beach at Rye, around Mt Beauty and the McClelland Sculpture Park in Langwarren.

The objects are natural e.g. seed pods, leaves, bark or shells, or they are found man-made objects such as bottle tops, cans, packages, spoons and broken glass.   When I collect I try not make a judgement about the value of the item.  Rather, I consider the form, presence and materiality. Collecting whilst walking speaks of my identification with the artist as flâneur as described by Baudelaire (1863) in that I see beauty in the everyday object that may go unnoticed by others and I express that beauty through my work as a sculptor.

The found items are translated  into one material: latex that  appears like a skin and embodies many of the qualities and marks of the original form.  Latex plays beautifully with light and at times retains remnants of the original object such as dirt, grease, bark, skin and text.  This work considers how these objects can transform when they are unified by place, colour and material.  The exploration of interaction and connection created between the natural and manufactured objects is the critical intention of this work.  Transforming them and unifying them through materiality and presentation equalizes their values and challenges the viewer’s preconceived notions of the relative importance and merit of the natural versus man-made.  All of these objects represent the discarded in society, and may be considered as archeological relics found in the contemporary urban and rural environments.

The film was recorded when I was walking through Andrew Rogers’ Labyrinth at McClelland Sculpture Park in Langwarren, Victoria. Walking this labyrinth reflects my intention with this work and my sculptural philosophy.

The labyrinth is a reflection of our existence in time and space.  We are here now and life is current…It is an exploration of meanings and powers from the past and their meaning for the future.  With this creation there is blurring of the physical and conceptual boundaries between structure and environment.
                                                                                                             Andrew Rogers, July 2010

Archive, 2010​ 

Archive, 2010  developed from a small archive of found objects and a dying baby possum that were collected under a tree in Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne in August, 2010.  It is my first archive work that references place.  I cast and remade the found objects in a variety of materials and experimented with film projection onto the floor.  In the projection the tiny baby possum that could fit in the palm of my hand appears the size of a child and takes on other worldly characteristics.  The possum appears dead but slowly you notice it is struggling to breathe and occasionally yawns and stretches.  The enlarged image is protected by a nest of wrapped sticks and seed pods that I collected from under the same tree.

Smaller 3D Works

Untitled, 2012

These small bronze sculptural pieces developed from skin 2, 2011 for RMIT sculpture  auction.

Moulles en Rouge, 2012

Plaster, lightbox (35cm x35cm x120cm)

This work was inspired by an art study tour to Paris with RMIT in 2011.  Food is always high on the list of priorities in France and we ate lots of mussels.  I cast the mussels in left over shells and displayed them on red acrylic sheet on a light box placed on a pedestal.This work was included in the Paris 2011 exhibition in RMIT photography gallery.

Drawing machine, 2011

A collaboration with Guy Pascoe

Self Images, 2011


Self Images, 2011 was exhibited at Toorak Village Sculpture Exhibition, 2011.  It developed from an anamorphic 3D string self portrait where I considered the shapes within the string forms.

Copyright 2012 Michele Donegan.

'Skin', 2011

Detail of latex casts of found objects on light box