2D Works

Cast Skin 2, 2013, digital scans 

Tocadero Art Space, Footscray

 .Cast Skin 2 images were created from latex skin casts of found objects  that were finished with a clear resin coating to give a glassy nature to the works.  These casts were then digitally scanned to create these images that are reminiscent of scientific photographs or sea creatures.  This work questions "What world are we in  here ?"

Engulf, 2012 works on paper

Works on paper developed from Engulf, 2012 . Sample of drawings only. Engulf , 2012 installation  was exhibited at RMIT First Site Gallery, Melbourne and was a collaboration with Ara Dolatian  (collaborating as Nomad) .   For information regarding Nomad navigate to Nomad page .

Cyan Series, 2012

ICyan Series​, 2012 consists of cyanotype and van dyke photographic development processes on water colour paper.  Images originated from photographic works of latex objects made for 'Skin', 2011. These are sample images only.

​Latex 1 Series, 2011

Latex 1 Series​, 2012 consists of  close-up images that  originated from photographing latex objects made for 'Skin', 2011. These are sample images only.  Printed on metallic paper.

​Latex 2 Series, 2011

Latex 2 Series, 2011 consists of photographic  scans of latex objects made from work in 'Skin', 2011. These are sample images only.  Printed on metallic paper.

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